Stop the Itch! Reclaim Your Backyard with Guaranteed Mosquito Control.

The Ultimate Mosquito Protection – Don’t Get Bitten!

With proven, comprehensive mosquito control and defense solutions, Mosquito Squad ensures continuous and reliable protection against mosquitoes and other outdoor pests, providing peace of mind and enjoyable outdoor spaces.

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The most crucial element is a solution that works. We allow homeowners to use their outdoor spaces freely, with up to a 90 percent reduction in mosquitoes.


Our products are applied strictly with labeling guidelines, and the technicians carefully avoid treating blooming flowers that typically attract pollinators.


Get a hassle-free experience with convenient scheduling options, quick and efficient treatments, and minimal disruption to residential homeowners’ routines.

The Ultimate Mosquito Protection Services.

Mosquito Squad: Long-lasting relief from mosquitoes and other outside pests. You can choose from traditional, all-natural, and add our highly effective mosquito-repelling smart home systems.

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Comprehensive Mosquito Control

Are mosquitoes bothering you? Get rid of them and get peace of mind with our extended time-release formula.

Advanced Mosquito Defense

Ditch the sticky, messy bug sprays. Thermacell provides simple, scent-free, and highly effective mosquito protection.

Special Events

Get expert mosquito and outside pest protection tailored to your special event. Request a free quote today.

What Our Customers Say

Hear from our satisfied customers who have experienced the quality and value of our mosquito and pest control services.

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The Mosquito Control Expert You Can Trust.


Mosquito Squad: We know your area mosquitoes better than anyone. Targeted control, guaranteed results.


We develop a plan tailored to your problem by applying targeted mosquito control products like a time-released capsule.


Make your yard an inviting oasis instead of a battleground against pesky mosquitoes without unnecessary treatments.

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Take Back Your Outdoor Space.

Say goodbye to swatting mosquitos and hello to backyard barbecues! Our expert mosquito control lets your family make the most of your outdoor space.

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