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Effective Mosquito Reduction Take back your yard! Our 3-step Barrier Treatment controls mosquitoes, ticks, and pests for good.

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Mosquito Protection. Mosquito Control. Mosquito Defense.

Say goodbye to itchy bites and buzzing! At Mosquito Squad, our multi-layered approach provides the ultimate mosquito protection. Our cutting-edge, eco-friendly solutions ensure your outdoor spaces remain enjoyable and offer continuous, reliable protection and defense against mosquitoes. 

How it Works

What to Expect

Many homeowners have specific preferences when it comes to mosquito control or wish to include added protection in their treatment plans. Mosquito Squad of Los Angeles will customize your services with a range of specialty programs to meet your needs.

Mosquito Prevention

Before treatments, we provide full mosquito risk assessments of your property.

Mosquito Control

We quickly and effectively treat all existing mosquito problems through proven targeted mosquito barrier applications lasting up to 21 days.

Mosquito Maintenance

Our Integrated Mosquito Management Program includes routine inspections and preventative treatments to keep you and your yard protected year-round.

Mosquito Treatment & Control

Mosquitoes buzzing? Let our trained team handle the problem. We provide reliable mosquito control solutions for a worry-free backyard.

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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your FUN!

Mosquito Squad – A Powerful Defense

The Ultimate Mosquito Protection Services.

Mosquito Squad: Long-lasting relief from mosquitoes and other outside pests. You can choose from traditional, all-natural, and add our highly effective mosquito-repelling smart home systems.

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Comprehensive Mosquito Control

Are mosquitoes bothering you? Get rid of them and get peace of mind with our extended time-release formula.

Advanced Mosquito Defense

Ditch the sticky, messy bug sprays. Thermacell provides simple, scent-free, and highly effective mosquito protection.

Special Events

Get expert mosquito and outside pest protection tailored to your special event. Request a free quote today.

Expert mosquito control services

What are Mosquito Control Services?

Mosquito control service companies use professional techniques and products to target mosquitoes at all stages of their life cycle, providing lasting relief.

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Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hollywood, and others.

If you’re tired of dealing with the likes of mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, spiders, and other pests while attempting to enjoy your property to its fullest extent in the great outdoors, give Mosquito Squad of Los Angeles a call at 818-835-5755. 

If you are weary of contending with the likes of mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, spiders, and other pests while attempting to fully enjoy your property in the great outdoors, consider contacting Mosquito Squad of Los Angeles.

Do you want to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by pests like mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, and spiders? Reclaim your outdoor space with Mosquito Squad of Los Angeles.

Give Mosquito Squad of Los Angeles a buzz and take back your yard so you can enjoy the great outdoors without any buggin’!

To reclaim your yard and enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of pests, consider contacting Mosquito Squad of Los Angeles.

As a locally owned and operated mosquito and tick control company in Los Angeles, we’re dedicated to helping you reclaim your outdoor space from annoying and dangerous pests. 

As a locally owned and operated mosquito and tick management enterprise in the greater Los Angeles area, we are devoted to assisting our valued customers in reclaiming their outdoor spaces from bothersome and potentially hazardous pests.

From Lyme Disease to West Nile Virus, ticks and mosquitos pose a danger to the health of you, your family, and your pets! It’s important to manage your property’s infestation before it truly gets out of control, and our team is qualified to do just that. 

Lyme disease and West Nile virus are serious illnesses that can be transmitted by ticks and mosquitoes. These diseases pose a significant risk to the health of individuals, their families, and their pets. It is crucial to address any infestations of ticks and mosquitoes on your property as soon as possible before they become unmanageable. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to effectively mitigate these risks and keep your property safe.

We offer Mosquito Control Barrier Protection, NaturalProtection, Gnat Control, Tick Control, and No-See-Um Control.

With a top 5 Google ranking, Mosquito Squad of Los Angeles Fast and Effective Mosquito Reduction Take back your yard! Our 3-step Barrier Treatment banishes mosquitoes, ticks, and pests for good.

Using a variety of proven solutions, including our natural protection and innovative Protective Barrier Treatment, we’ll ensure your friends and family get-together isn’t cut short by these uninvited guests. Our experienced team of Los Angeles mosquito control professionals is here to answer any of your pest questions and craft a personalized solution for any size property you may have.

Our mosquito control services use various solutions to ensure your gatherings aren’t ruined. Our team is experienced in answering pest questions and creating custom plans for any property.

California Confirms First West Nile Virus-Related Death Of 2021. The Mosquito Season is Here, Click Here To Read More.

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Say goodbye to swatting mosquitos and hello to outdoor enjoyment! Our professional mosquito control lets your family make the most of your outdoor space.

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