No-See-Ums Control Services

Say Goodbye to No-See-Ums: Reclaim Your Outdoor Paradise

Tired of those relentless, invisible bites? Mosquito Squad’s advanced No-See-Um control solutions give you lasting relief.

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How it Works

What to Expect

Many homeowners have specific preferences when it comes to mosquito control or wish to include added protection in their treatment plans. Mosquito Squad of Los Angeles will customize your services with a range of specialty programs to meet your needs.

Mosquito Prevention

Before treatments, we provide full mosquito risk assessments of your property.

Mosquito Control

We quickly and effectively treat all existing mosquito problems through proven targeted mosquito barrier applications lasting up to 21 days.

Mosquito Maintenance

Our Integrated Mosquito Management Program includes routine inspections and preventative treatments to keep you and your yard protected year-round.

Mosquito Treatment & Control

Mosquitoes buzzing? Let our trained team handle the problem. We provide reliable mosquito control solutions for a worry-free backyard.

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No-See Ums Control Services

We understand the frustration. No-See-Ums are more than a nuisance; they ruin outdoor time with itchy, relentless bites.

What Our Customers Say

Hear from our satisfied customers who have experienced the quality and value of our no-see-um and pest control services.

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